How to study and write for Computer Science

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Assignment Calculator
Having trouble getting long term assignments done? Try this calculator out. It will automatically begin with today's date. Then put in the date the assignment is due. Click and voila. All the interim pieces, what you have to do each week to get it done on time, are laid out for you. No more excuses!
Exam tips for Computer Science
Check out these success tips for theory and programming courses.
How to study for Computer Science exams
Can I memorize how to find bugs in code, so I can answer exam questions? Why is studying for Computer Science different?
How to Successfully Manage CS Programming   PDF file PDF file
7 tips for those taking computer science courses. Get advice from the best - Carnegie Mellon. Print this off and post it in your study area.
Top 10 Tips for Computer Science Students
Tips here include both Virtual and Real World suggestions.
#2 + You'll need to write more than just code. Oh, no!
How to Pass the GRE Computer Science Subject Test
These instructions work well for undergraduate courses as well.
Writing in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Courses
The Profs want technical vocabulary. Check out the section on program documentation!!
Some Advice on Writing a Technical Report
Review this common form of a technical report used by computer scientists.