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5 Tips for Staying Motivated During the Spring Semester
You're not the only one! Need a boost? Check these suggestions from another college student.
12 Strategies for Motivation that Work
Direct positive tips. Which ones have you tried?
20 Motivational Quotes to Start This Semester Off Right
Graphic image quotes! You can cut out your favorite and post on your bulletin board for inspiration and motivation,
Hoping this Semester goes Better?   PDF file PDF file
The benefit of having 2 semesters is to have a chance to redirect and learn from the mistakes of last semester. Other students may be in the same predicament. Check out this resources for help.
How to Avoid the Dreaded but Imminent Second Semester Slump
"The hardest thing about the holidays being over is that it can feel like you don't have anything to look forward to for quite a while." So check this site out for suggestions.
Quick Scoring Achievement Motivation Quiz
What's your motivation score? Are you blue chip material?
Second Semester Motivational Tips
How do you get geared up to do it again. Here's 3 tips to get motivated for Spring Semester.
What can students do about motivation   PDF file PDF file
Maybe this semester you are ready to focus on academics, but it is so hard to get into gear. Hear are some suggestions for you.
Tactical Motivation Management
"Don't wait until you FEEL like studying. Use the non-fattening technique to increase motivation." Get 3 basic tools to try in this VIDEO.
Will you get a car? Read this site to find out.
Motivation   PDF file PDF file
Change your thinking and make things easier for yourself. Here's how.
25 Ways to Improve Motivation and Concentration
How can I get motivated if I can't concentrate?
An exercise in Motivating Yourself
Go through the 7 stages of motivation. Find out what works for you!