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Hows to Study for An Essay type Exam   PDF file PDF file
This includes remote preparation , like class notes and reading the textbook!
Tips for Writing Essay Exams
In order to write a good essay in the 20-30 minutes given in the exam, you need to PREPARE and PRACTICE. Get tips on how to do this here. During the exam, don't just read the question and rush into writing. Find the tips here on what to do during the exam. And finally what to avoid.
Checklist for Essay Tests
Step by step key for writing a good essay.
Essay Exams
This extensive resource includes: Why do Instructors give essay exams? What essay questions require? as well as Taking the Exam, Planning your answers and most importantly Writing your answers!
Essay Exams
Why short answer and essay questions? And what's the difference?
How to Perform Well on an Essay Exam   PDF file PDF file
Here's a 7 step process to get you going.
How to study for a test
Study outloud? Useful tip on handling an essay question. Anyone taking lit and reading The Great Gadsby?
Taking Essay Exams
Includes analyzing returned essay exams.
Effective Study Techniques for Essay Tests
How to predict essay test questions.
Tips on Writing the Essay-Type Examination
Now you are in the final and you have to write your essay. Now what? Here's a 7 step process to get you through.
Elements of an Effective History Exam Essay   PDF file PDF file
See the actual exam question and then examples of a bad thesis, a better thesis and an even better thesis!