Library Research Sites

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography
Very useful tool. Sometimes you are assigned to create one of these. However, it is useful to do this to keep track of your research and remember why you chose a particular article.
Why Can't I Just Google?
Why do you keep getting marked down on your papers? What is this scholarly research?
APA format: Reference list using Google Scholar
Watch this YouTube video to see how to use the cite button in Google scholar to format your citation of articles found there. You can also search by date to get the latest articles.
Don't judge a web site by its colors
6 steps to determining a reliable web site.
Is this article scholarly?
Video on how to find out is an article scholarly by Purdue Library. Now you can find out if your article will be accepted for college research papers.
Research and Projects
Includes using the library, both the regular print one and online resources. Don't forget footnotes and references!
Using Sources
Lots of help here from Creative Use of Sources to Using Paraphrases.
Finding Information on the Internet
Here's a tutorial from UC Berkeley Library. It includes information on evaluating web pages as well as how to cite electronic resources.
Is this Plagiarism?
Want to take the test first and see how you do? Try it out here. What? Didn't do so well. That's OK you can get the tutorial in Plagiarism Tutorial. Under the tab How to Avoid plagiarism, you can choose from the drop down menu: Quoting, Paraphrasing, How to Paraphrase, Paraphrasing Details. Then you can try the test again!
Plagiarism Tutorial
NO. It's not a how to! This tutorial gives examples of paraphrasing incorrectly and how to fix them. It has 4 major parts: What is Plagiarism? How to Avoid Plagiarism? Citing? Consequences.
Study DOs and DON'Ts
Brought to your from your friendly college library. This You Tube Video is from the University of Guelph in Canada. However, it is a reminder that your college librarians can also help you with study tips as well as research and citation guides.
What is Plagiarism
What is you want to quote from a professor's lecture? Do you have to have a citation for that, too?
Write an Annotated Bibliography
Never written an annotated bibliography? Here's the directions.
Annotated Bibliographies
An introduction and description from the University of North Carolina with examples both from MLA and APA.
Annotated Bibliographies
Gives types of annotated bibliographies. Can you find what your professor wants here?
Finding Primary Sources for Historical Research
What is a primary source? Where do I find one? Gives you actual links to lists of databases, web sites and statistics. Great place to start.
How to Evalutate Eletronic Resources
UCLA, Berkeley science libraries gives you a criteria list.
The Good,the Bad & the Ugly: Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources
Susan Beck from New Mexico State University Library provides a 5 step evaluation criteria, complete with examples.
Avoiding Plagiarism
What plagiarism looks like and how to fix it.