Textbook Reading Sites

Harvard Report on Reading   PDF file PDF file
Find out what happened when 1500 Harvard students were quizzed on a 30 page chapter in a history textbook. It's worth it to download this Word document!
Interrogating Texts
6 reading habits to develop in your first year at Harvard. Wouldn't hurt trying these out at other colleges. Note: One suggestion is to throw away your highlighter!
Reading at University
Professors may have certain expectations that are not communicated to students directly. Get clarification of what is expected of reading textbooks at the college level, before you begin.
Reading Comprehension 101: A Step by Step Guide   PDF file PDF file
Try out the TEXTBOOK Assessment first. How is your textbook reading comprehension?
Reading Difficult Text   PDF file PDF file
3 reasons texts can be difficult to read. Here are the strategies to deal with this problem.
Anatomy of a Textbook
See a picture of the organization of a textbook. Also here is a list of survey questions to try out with your own textbooks.
Five Keys to Helping Students Read Difficult Texts
It's a process, from launching to synthesizing to using the prof's questions. Find out how here!Print this one out and hang in your study area for a list of strategies and how to's for dealing with difficult Academic Reading
How to mind map your textbook
Here's an alternative way to annotate your textbook, which will enhance your memory.
Ten Tips for reading College Textbooks
Are you using all 10? Download this PDF file and check off the list.
The SQ3R Reading System
Here is an explanation, which gives examples of how to make this system work.
Six Ways to Become Fascinated by a “Boring” Text
Not all textbooks are interesting or exciting, but you still have to read and learn from them. Here's how.
Remembering What You Read
"My prof told me to read the chapter. He didn't tell me to remember it!"
Learning from Textbooks
Active Reading. Speed and Comprehension. Reading and Concentration.
How to Read a Difficult Book
Still having trouble? Try Virginia Tech.
Reading Difficult Material
What to do with college level textbooks from St Thomas College in St. Paul, Minn.
A Simple Guide to Text Annotation   PDF file PDF file
What is it and what will it do for you?
Annotating Textbooks   PDF file PDF file
It's not just about underlining and highlighting. Annotating is the beginning of the studying process. Find out why you annotate and how to do it.
How Do You Mark & Annotate Your Text?
Now only get ideas of what to do, but you also get to see an actual textbook example of what an annotation looks like!
Understanding How to Annotate
Annotation requires interacting with your reading. Here is a list of ways to do this. It's not just about marking the text. It's more about asking questions about the reading and providing comments. Download the complete resource by Eric Zimmerman.